Wednesday, May 16, 2018

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Owning the Role of the Front-End Developer

Ethereum thoughts

1) A smart contract to force/encourage/cajole/blackmail yourself to do something. You place money in an account, and it is released to you if certain conditions are met, or else it goes into another account and is given away according to the terms of that account.

2) An account that, when it receives money, disburses it to a random one of a set of charities.

3) Conditions met: well, maybe for me to become better at Finnish, I can add a significant amount of money into an account that will release the money only if I show a specific, measurable improvement at Finnish at some specific time. Otherwise it goes to a charities' account as above.

4) This evaluation of this 'improvement' would be determined according to some happening, perhaps on the internet. Perhaps a committee of some kind votes via some kind of secret ballot.

5)  Offering a bet on some event that could be independently verified (say, by AI, or by frequency of mention on the internet or whatever), two bets could create a prediction market. A prestige prediction market could be created by secretly approaching experts, and having them create accounts. We let those who sign up know who else is in the prediction market

6) Or perhaps! Anyone can sign up, but their ability to predict is tracked. They achieve score and ranking (still anonymous). q.v. Ray Dalio's algorithmic decision making.

7) If two anonymous accounts want to agree, they can share their real information with each other.

8) Someone wanting to check the results of the prediction market can see the prediction score of any individual, and use it to increase the accuracy of their target predicition, by only including those who score highest in a particular topic.

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A thread from Twitter on rigor in IxD