Saturday, October 7, 2017

Update and partial FAQ

These is a FAQ for the questions that I frequently imagine that I am being asked.  As you will see, my internal interlocutor can sound a bit judgey.

What's going on with BMapp?

I am continuing to work on BMapp apace.  I'm keeping it on a private git repo at Bitbucket for now.  I may open-source it at some point, but there's something irrationally nice about its being a private solo project*.  I've committed to Inferno, Redux and Rx.  I'm looking at redux-observables, since it's using two libraries I'm already using.

What's up with all the Bookmarks lately?

Well, there is not really a public social bookmarking application anymore, since the demise of  When I find or build one, I'll move all of those to it.  There are a lot more in my chrome bookmarks.  If I added them all, it would look even more like spam.

What's up with using Blogger?  I think my grandad used Blogger once. All the cool kids use ${some_other_thing} or roll their own.

Rolling my own or moving it is in some distant future plan, a bit like my social bookmarking plans or the open-source social media plan. I started this blog waaay back nigh on 10 years now to keep track of a specific collaboration, almost immediately abandoned it, and rebooted it when I felt the need to have a public notebook.  It is quite limited, but so far I have not bumped up hard against those limitations. It does the job. The risks are that it will be sunsetted by the notoriously fickle Google.  Or that webstandards will leave it far behind.  (Does it even have any full time staff?)

* "Rather than its being a public solo project?  A publicly ignored solo project?  A project that's so stunningly fun that someone will fork it and do something more interesting?" asks my internally judgmental interlocutor. "Don't worry about any of that.  Open source it!  Do it!  Do it! YOLO!" he shouts.